Christopher Marquis – Author of “Better Business: How the B Corp Movement Is Remaking Capitalism”

Revolutionizing Capitalism with Christopher Marquis’s Better Business

Mike interviews Christopher Marquis.

In this insightful episode, we delve deep into the world of capitalism and entrepreneurship with Christopher Marquis, the brilliant mind behind Better Business: How the B Corp Movement Is Remaking Capitalism. Get ready for a captivating conversation that explores the intersection of business, ethics, and social responsibility.


Christopher Marquis, a professor at Cornell University’s Johnson College of Business, aims to redefine business success. In “Better Business,” Marquis delves into the transformative potential of the B Corp movement, which seeks to balance profit with purpose.

During our conversation, Marquis challenges the flaws of traditional capitalism and champions the B Corp model as a beacon of hope. He argues that the current economic system perpetuates inequality and environmental degradation, benefitting the rich at the expense of everyone else.

But amidst the bleak landscape of corporate greed, Marquis sees entrepreneurship as a ray of hope. He believes that thinking like an entrepreneur, rather than succumbing to the whims of large corporations, is the key to unlocking freedom from the chains of capitalism.

Marquis shares inspiring examples of companies like Patagonia, prioritizing social and environmental responsibility alongside profit. These companies are reshaping how we think about consumption by prioritizing quality over quantity and encouraging conscious purchasing decisions.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. Marquis challenges the notion that government intervention always stifles economic growth, citing examples of government-funded innovations that have laid the groundwork for significant technological advancements.

Mike Fallat and Christopher Marquis talk about the book Better Business: How the B Corp Movement Is Remaking Capitalism.

Marquis’s passion for creating a more equitable and sustainable world shines through throughout our discussion. He argues that businesses are responsible for contributing positively to society and that the B Corp movement provides a roadmap for achieving that goal.

Marquis leaves listeners with a powerful message: change is possible, but it requires a shift in mindset and a willingness to challenge the status quo. By supporting companies that prioritize purpose alongside profit and advocating for policies that promote social and environmental responsibility, we can all play a role in remaking capitalism for the better.

Christopher Marquis’s book “Better Business” is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of capitalism and the potential for business to drive positive change in the world. His insights into the B Corp movement offer hope and inspiration for entrepreneurs and activists alike. So, join the conversation and participate in the movement to build a more sustainable future.

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