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Revolutionizing Success: Dr. Chaz Fox’s Insights on Running an Internet Business

Mike interviews Chas Fox.

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, there are trailblazers who redefine success and challenge conventional business norms. Dr. Chaz Fox, a seasoned professional and expert in Internet business strategies, recently shared his invaluable insights in a captivating discussion. In this blog, we’ll delve into the key takeaways from this revolutionary conversation that promises to inspire and transform the way we approach online businesses.


From Undergrad to MBA, Dr. Fox opens the conversation by reflecting on the transformation he witnesses in his students, drawing a stark comparison between their early days in undergrad and their final class in the MBA program at Seton Hall. He teaches a consulting class where students engage in real-world projects, honing their skills and professionalism. The journey from nervous, gap-filled presentations to polished, confident deliveries highlights the importance of attention to detail and self-awareness in the business world.

When asked about his influences, Dr. Fox admits to being a voracious reader, particularly focusing on business books centred around strategy. While he doesn’t have a specific idol, he emphasizes his interest in the strategic aspects of change. This insight into his reading habits unveils a commitment to continuous learning, a trait often found in successful entrepreneurs.

A Game-Changing Mentality Dr. Fox delves into the entrepreneurial mindset with a question about the endgame for many successful business owners – building to sell. He shares a pivotal lesson he learned from interviewing entrepreneurs: always think about building a business to sell, even if the intention is to retain it. This perspective, he notes, reshapes the way businesses are structured, making them scalable, attractive, and capable of running independently. Dr. Fox’s wisdom serves as a game-changer for entrepreneurs who often get caught up in the passion of their ventures.

The conversation turns to Dr. Fox’s experience running diverse companies in areas he initially knew nothing about. From the largest rose company in the world to a micro tool company, his approach involves relying on data and avoiding personal biases. By removing emotional attachments and emphasizing business acumen, he underscores the importance of unbiased decision-making in steering a company toward success.

A Dynamic Duo Discussing the significance of culture in Internet business, Dr. Fox shares his strategy for shaping a positive culture within an organization. He emphasizes the importance of observing existing cultures in companies undergoing financial turnarounds. Dr. Fox’s unique approach involves personally involving himself in every aspect of the business, fostering a culture of collaboration shared responsibility, and breaking down the barriers of a negative work environment.

Transitioning to the book authored by Dr. Fox, “How to Run an Internet Business Now,” he explores the solutions provided in the book. Dr. Fox refrains from recommending specific tools like CRMs or project management tools, acknowledging the rapid changes in technology and personal preferences. Instead, he focuses on aligning academic principles with professional best practices in a post-pandemic world.

Mike Fallat and Chas Fox talk about the book How to Run Internet Business Now

One of Dr. Fox’s secrets to success lies in his approach to product development. He introduces a unique process that involves bringing people from every department into a room to generate product ideas. This cross-functional collaboration has led to the introduction of an impressive 4,700 new products in just seven years, showcasing the power of diverse perspectives in innovation.

Dr. Fox touches upon the importance of alliances and networks in the business world, a concept he strongly advocates. He underlines the significance of surrounding oneself with other entrepreneurs to gain insights and solutions that may not be apparent otherwise. Dr. Fox believes in the power of creative freedom that arises from being in an environment of like-minded individuals.

In this insightful discussion with Dr. Chaz Fox, readers are treated to a wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom, from reshaping the mentality of building businesses to sell, fostering unbiased decision-making, and utilizing creative freedom through alliances and networks. As we embrace the lessons shared by Dr. Fox, we’re reminded that success in the internet business realm is not just about navigating the digital landscape but also about cultivating a mindset that paves the way for innovation and growth.

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