Charles Green – Author of “The Trusted Advisor”

Mastering the Art of Trust in Business: Lessons from Charles Green

Mike interviews Charles Green.

Today, we’re diving into the world of trust-based relationships in business. And who better to guide us than the renowned author of “The Trusted Advisor,” Charles Green? In a captivating episode, Charles sat down with our favourite host to unravel the secrets behind building genuine connections that stand the test of time.


Picture this: You’re sitting across from a potential client, trying to seal the deal. What’s the fastest way to earn their trust? According to Charles, it’s simple: trust them first. Drawing from the wisdom of Franklin Roosevelt’s cabinet member, he reminds us that trust is a two-way street. By demonstrating trust in others, we pave the way for reciprocity and genuine rapport.

Charles shares a brilliant analogy involving a bottle of wine. Sure, you could play it safe and grab a standard bottle. But why not take a risk, show some thoughtfulness, and select a special bottle that reflects your client’s interests? It’s about going the extra mile, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Let’s also discuss the power of vulnerability. Admitting that you don’t have all the answers may seem counterintuitive, but Charles insists it’s a game-changer. Saying, “I don’t know,” demonstrates honesty and invites deeper conversation and trust.

The infamous hard-closing techniques. Charles insists—those days are long gone. Instead of focusing on quick wins and transactional relationships, he advocates for a customer-centric approach. It’s about genuinely caring for your client’s needs and building relationships that last a lifetime.

But here’s the kicker: trust isn’t just about what you say—it’s about how you make people feel. Charles encourages us to humanize ourselves, tell stories, inject humour, and show genuine curiosity. These personal touches leave a lasting impression and set the stage for trust to flourish.

No conversation about trust would be complete without mentioning Robert Cialdini’s groundbreaking book, “Influence.” Charles hails it as a must-read for anyone looking to understand the psychology behind persuasion and influence. It’s a treasure trove of insights that perfectly complement Charles’ teachings.

Mike Fallat and Charles Green talk about the book The Trusted Advisor.

And let’s not forget the golden rule of trust: consistency. Charles shares a cautionary tale about the dangers of breaking trust, citing a personal experience where inconsistency led to a lost opportunity. It’s a sobering reminder that trust, once broken, is not quickly regained.

Building trust in business is a delicate dance—one that requires authenticity, empathy, and a genuine desire to serve others. As Charles eloquently puts it, it’s not about aggressively pursuing the sale; it’s about authentically connecting with people and letting trust blossom.

Trust isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of successful business relationships. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or starting out, embracing trust as your guiding principle can pave the way for unprecedented growth and success.

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