Chandran Nair – Author of “The Sustainable State: The Future of Government, Economy, and Society”

Unlocking the Secrets to a Sustainable Future: Chandran Nair on “The Sustainable State: The Future of Government, Economy, and Society”

Mike interviews Chandran Nair.

Today, We are diving into an electrifying episode that left me buzzing with inspiration and insight. We had the privilege of sitting down with Chandran Nair, the brilliant mind behind the groundbreaking book “The Sustainable State: The Future of Government, Economy, and Society.” Strap in because this conversation was a rollercoaster ride through the heart of pressing global issues and visionary solutions.


Chandran Nair, a seasoned professional and CEO of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, is no stranger to the complexities of our world. As we delved into the heart of his book, it became abundantly clear that Nair isn’t just a thinker; he’s a doer committed to shaping a better tomorrow.

We tackled the hot topic of sustainability. Nair’s perspective was refreshingly pragmatic yet deeply insightful. He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between equal opportunity and outcome, shedding light on how a sustainable future hinges on empowering individuals while safeguarding collective welfare. As an entrepreneur, Nair’s words hit home, reminding me that business success must align with societal well-being.

Nair’s wisdom extended to the realm of governance and societal values. We explored the delicate balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility, drawing parallels between cultural community involvement approaches. From Japan’s collective ethos to Malaysia’s struggle with corroded values, Nair painted a vivid picture of how governance shapes society’s trajectory.

Environmental stewardship. Nair’s insights into the role of entrepreneurs in mitigating ecological impact left me nodding in agreement. His call to map out the externalities of our business models struck a chord, reminding us that profit and planet can and must coexist harmoniously.

One of the most compelling moments came when we discussed the power of public transportation. Nair’s vision for a world where clean, efficient transit systems instill pride in communities was inspiring. His emphasis on making undesirable behaviours unthinkable resonated deeply, serving as a rallying cry for collective action.

But perhaps the most poignant part of our conversation was Nair’s take on free speech. As someone who hails from a multicultural society, he stressed the importance of wielding this privilege responsibly. His call for respectful discourse and mindful communication reminded me that with great freedom comes even greater responsibility.

Mike Fallat and Chandran Nair talk about the book The Sustainable State: The Future of Government, Economy, and Society.

As the conversation drew close, We found nvigorated by Nair’s passion and vision. His dedication to reshaping society for the better, one conversation at a time, left an indelible mark on me. And with platforms like gift. ed leading the charge in disruptive learning, the seeds of change are already being sown.

Our conversation with Chandran Nair was a powerful reminder that sustainability isn’t just about preserving the planet; it’s about protecting the fabric of society itself. By embracing equal opportunity, fostering responsible governance, and championing collective well-being, we can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

So here’s to Chandran Nair, a true trailblazer in the quest for a sustainable state. And here’s to all of us as we embark on this journey together, armed with knowledge, passion, and a shared commitment to change the world for the better.

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