Ashoka Mody – Author of “India Is Broken: A People Betrayed, Independence to Today”

Breaking the Chains: Unveiling India’s Complex Journey with Ashoka Mody on Million Dollar Stories

Mike interviews Ashoka Mody.

We dive deep into India’s intricate history and challenges with guest author Ashoka Mody. “India is Broken: A People Betrayed – Independence to Today,” Mody’s book unravels the complex tapestry of India’s journey from its struggle for independence in 1947 to the present day.


As the episode begins, we express our fascination with India’s history and introduce the book, setting the stage for an enlightening conversation with Ashoka Mody. The author, born and raised in India before moving to the United States, brings a unique perspective.

Mody’s motivation to write this book stems from a genuine concern for the narratives surrounding India. He believes existing accounts often miss crucial aspects of the country’s economic history, leading to a skewed understanding. His mission is clear: to inform the present by exploring the historical forces shaping India’s challenges.

The conversation shifts to the early post-independence years of India, a period filled with hope and aspirations. Mody highlights the high ideals embedded in the Indian Constitution, including secularism, democracy, and equality. However, he also points out the early mistakes that set the country on a challenging path – particularly in job creation and education.

One of the pivotal decisions made during this period was the focus on heavy industrialization, which, according to Mody, failed to generate the necessary jobs for India’s growing population. Additionally, the neglect of mass education created a divide, with only a privileged few receiving quality education.

Mody draws attention to the lack of gender equity and the delayed implementation of primary education, emphasizing the importance of these factors for long-term economic progress. He contrasts India’s trajectory with successful nations like the United States, where early leaders prioritized mass education and gender equity.

We touch upon India’s broken social norms and public accountability, leading to a catch-22 situation. The author argues that unaccountable politicians hinder progress and stifle even sensible ideas. This breakdown in accountability has far-reaching consequences, from failure to address environmental issues to lack of proper education and job creation.

The conversation takes an interesting turn as Mody discusses the impact of broken social norms on various sectors, using the example of landfills outside Delhi and their perpetual state of neglect since 1993. The pattern repeats in education, the judiciary, and the environment, creating a cycle of inaction and missed opportunities.

Ashoka Mody shares his concerns about the lack of jobs in India, fearing it may lead to increased social divisions. He predicts that economic fears and divisive political tactics could result in social chaos and even a system breakdown.

The author’s second major worry revolves around irreversible environmental damage. Mody believes India might have reached a point of no return regarding environmental degradation, exacerbated by global warming and climate change.

Mike Fallat and Ashoka Mody talk about the book India Is Broken: A People Betrayed, Independence to Today.

In proposing a solution, Mody draws inspiration from the state of Kerala, emphasizing the importance of local governments in fostering accountability. He suggests building up accountability from the grassroots level to higher tiers, gradually improving the overall governance structure.

The conversation concludes by discussing the parallels between India and the United States. While we share concerns about the divisiveness and potential adoption of socialism in the U.S., Mody expresses his admiration for President Joe Biden’s efforts to address worker rights.

In a surprising twist, Mody recommends a book unrelated to the economic and political topics discussed – Aldous Huxley’s “The Perennial Philosophy.” This timeless book explores the core principles shared by various spiritual disciplines, emphasizing the unity of humanity.

This episode provides a thought-provoking exploration of India’s challenges and offers insights into potential solutions. Ashoka Mody’s expertise and engaging interview style make for a compelling discussion that leaves listeners pondering the complexities of a nation in transition.

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