Arlen Meyers – Author of “Digital Health Entrepreneurship (Health Informatics)”

Revolutionizing Healthcare: A Deep Dive into Digital Health Entrepreneurship with Arlen Meyers

Mike interviews Arlen Meyers.

The charismatic and dynamic Arlen Meyers engaged in a thought-provoking conversation. The focus of their discussion? Arlen’s groundbreaking book, “Digital Health Entrepreneurship (Health Informatics),” is a must-read for anyone navigating the evolving landscape of healthcare entrepreneurship.


Before delving into the crux of the conversation, Arlen Meyers, a trailblazing entrepreneur and author, was graciously introduced. Arlen’s journey from being an academic surgeon to becoming a driving force in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship speaks volumes about his passion for transforming the healthcare industry.

As Arlen embarked on our conversation, the spotlight turned towards the genesis of Arlen’s book. With the confidence of an entrepreneur who identifies unmet needs, Arlen shared that his motivation for writing the book stemmed from a desire to fill a void in the market. His extensive background as an academic surgeon and subsequent career transitions set the stage for him to become a beacon in educating individuals about healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

The dialogue took an exciting turn as Arlen was probed about his entrepreneurial mindset. Arlen shed light on the misconception that physicians are inherently poor businesspeople. He debunked this myth passionately, emphasizing that many individuals, including doctors, possess an entrepreneurial spirit but often remain unaware of it. Arlen’s mission, fueled by personal experiences, is to guide and inspire healthcare professionals to explore entrepreneurship beyond the conventional realms of their clinical careers.

One significant challenge Arlen addressed was the necessity to change human behaviour in healthcare. He highlighted the importance of overcoming behavioural change resistance among doctors and patients. Arlen underscored the critical role of an entrepreneurial mindset in improving healthcare outcomes and the overall experience for practitioners and patients.

The conversation then pivoted to the rising trend of physicians venturing into entrepreneurship. Arlen shed light on the dual reasons driving this trend: necessity and desire. Some physicians turn to entrepreneurship out of necessity due to life events or career transitions. In contrast, others do so because they aspire to break away from the traditional model of seeing patients in a clinical setting. Arlen passionately conveyed that regardless of the motivation, embracing entrepreneurship benefits physicians and ultimately enhances patient care.

As the discussion unfolded, Arlen explored recent trends in healthcare, emphasizing the transformative impact of technology, policy changes, and the entry of major corporations like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft into the healthcare arena. The convergence of these factors is reshaping the industry and opening doors for innovative minds to explore new avenues.

Arlen eloquently conveyed the need to shift the paradigm from a sick care system to a genuine healthcare system. With a critical eye on the current state of healthcare, he highlighted the urgent need to address high costs, low quality, inequitable access, and overall dissatisfaction. Arlen passionately stressed that the goal is transforming healthcare into a system prioritizing preventive measures, public health, and positive patient experiences.

A pivotal point in the conversation revolved around the challenges of changing behaviour in doctors and patients. Arlen emphasized the Holy Grail of healthcare transformation: altering behaviour. He acknowledged the difficulty in achieving this goal but underscored its significance in realizing the true potential of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mike Fallat and Arlen Meyers talk about the book Digital Health Entrepreneurship (Health Informatics).

The conversation delved into the hype surrounding blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Arlen provided a nuanced perspective, highlighting the current applications of AI in operations, finance, and clinical decision-making. While acknowledging the transformative potential of these technologies, he also pointed out the existing challenges, especially in gaining trust among healthcare professionals and patients.

As Arlen Meyers wrapped up our conversation, it was evident that the future of healthcare entrepreneurship is bright, albeit challenging. Arlen’s insights, fueled by his rich experiences and visionary outlook, offer a roadmap for individuals looking to navigate the evolving landscape of digital health entrepreneurship and health informatics.

In this captivating episode, listeners gained valuable insights into the mindset of a true healthcare innovator, paving the way for a future where healthcare isn’t just a reactive response to illness but a proactive journey towards holistic well-being.

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