Annelise Orleck – Author of “We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now”

Illuminating Perspectives and Unraveling Paradigms: The Dynamic Discourse of the Latest Episode

Mike interviews Annelise Orleck.

We’re jumping into the heart of our recent episode, a rollercoaster ride of insights, controversies, and a splash of that unfiltered flavour that keeps you coming back for more.


We kicked off by opening Pandora’s box and diving headfirst into the complexities of today’s political landscape. Our guest, Annelise Orleck, a seasoned author and activist, fearlessly shared her thoughts on current affairs. Buckle up because this was no ordinary interview – it was a passionate exchange of ideas, challenging the status quo and calling out the real issues.

One of the episode’s highlights was exploring Annelise’s latest book, “We Are All Fast Food Workers Now: The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages.” Imagine a mosaic of stories, each contributing to the larger picture of a global movement against injustice. If you haven’t got your hands on this gem, you’re missing out on a transformative journey through the struggles and triumphs of those often overlooked.

We didn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty of the minimum wage debate. In a world where AI and automation are becoming the norm, we delved into the potential consequences of pushing for higher minimum wages. Is it a stepping stone to prosperity, or does it risk job loss in the face of advancing technology? The gloves were off as our guests weighed in with unfiltered perspectives.

Switching gears, the conversation took a motivational turn with a nod to the legendary Jim Rohn. We probed into the idea that your income is directly proportional to your self-development. Are you in control of your financial destiny or merely riding the waves of circumstance? The essence of Rohn’s philosophy echoed loud and clear – create multiple revenue streams and be the architect of your success.

Mike Fallat and Annelise Orleck talk about the book We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now.

The elephant in the room got its attention – Universal Basic Income (UBI). Should the government hand out stipends to citizens? Annelise shared insights on the resurgence of UBI discussions and its potential to combat poverty. It was a polarizing topic, with our listeners pondering the balance between financial support and personal responsibility.

The episode took an emotional turn as Annelise tackled the intricacies of healthcare, recounting personal experiences and societal dilemmas. The Affordable Care Act and Medicare for All – are terms thrown around in the political arena, but what do they mean for the everyday person? The conversation didn’t just scratch the surface; it dived deep into the heart of a system that impacts every American.

Annelise circled back to the power of collective action. It’s not just about individuals thriving; it’s about a society that uplifts its weakest links. The call to resist divisive rhetoric and unite for a common cause echoed in the parting words – a call for change, understanding, and a commitment to building a better future. This conversation is a journey through the pages of a compelling book, through the intricacies of economic policies, and into the heart of societal challenges. So, stay tuned, and remember – the only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself.

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