Anil Hira – Author of “Global Political Economy: Theory and Practice”

Beyond Academia: Anil Hira and the Art of Self-Discovery through Critical Thought

Mike interviews Anil Hira.

In the dynamic world of education and self-discovery, few voices are as compelling and thought-provoking as Professor Anil Hira. In a recent episode, the professor shared his unique approach to teaching and guiding students on a transformative journey of self-awareness and critical thinking. As a dedicated educator passionate about breaking free from the conventional norms of academia, Anil Hira offers a refreshing perspective on empowering students to think for themselves and navigate the complexities of life.


Anil Hira opens the conversation by echoing the sentiments of renowned intellectual Jordan Peterson, emphasizing the profound impact of reading and writing on one’s cognitive clarity. As a self-professed Jordan Peterson fanatic, the professor attests to the transformative power of daily writing, which has enabled him to delve into the Socratic method. By encouraging students to ask deeper questions and explore the “why” behind every occurrence, he believes that writing becomes a tool for self-discovery, leading to a clearer and more profound understanding of oneself.

In a world where quick answers and Google searches reign supreme, Hira recognizes the challenge of instilling critical thinking skills in students. He acknowledges the temptation to seek instant solutions but argues that life’s complexities require a nuanced understanding beyond black-and-white responses. To combat this trend, the professor outlines his method in energy policy classes, urging students to choose a problem, conduct a thorough diagnosis, and propose solutions. This deliberate and extended approach, spanning four months, allows students to unravel the layers of complexity inherent in real-world issues.

In a candid moment, Anil Hira addresses the prevailing mindset among university professors, stating that many tend to focus on narrow fields of study for extended periods. He distinguishes himself as a free thinker who rejects the traditional academic path, emphasizing the need for universities to produce graduates capable of thinking critically about real-world problems. By helping students prepare for the job market and make informed life choices, Professor Anil Hira seeks to break the mould and foster a new generation of leaders equipped to tackle future challenges.

Mike Fallat and Anil Hira talk about the book Global Political Economy: Theory and Practice.

As the conversation takes a personal turn, Anil Hira shares two defining books that have shaped his perspective. “Identity and Control” by Harrison White emerges as a pivotal work that explores the concept of evolving identities and the influence of external factors on personal development. This book empowers individuals to take control of their lives and make proactive choices. In a nod to self-help literature, Hira also mentions “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill, a book that delves into the power of the mind in shaping one’s reality.

The episode concludes by discussing the current political landscape, with Anil Hira expressing a desire for fresh leadership. Dismissing Trump and Biden, he hopes for a new generation of politicians prioritizing serving the people over clinging to power. Drawing from personal experience on Capitol Hill, Hira acknowledges the intoxicating nature of power and advocates for a political system refresh through the infusion of new perspectives.

In this captivating episode with Anil Hira, listeners are treated to a glimpse into the mind of an educator who defies traditional norms. His commitment to fostering critical thinking, encouraging self-awareness, and challenging the status quo positions him as a beacon for educational change. As we reflect on his insights, we’re reminded that embracing complexity, thinking proactively, and treating each other with kindness can pave the way for a brighter and more optimistic future.

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