Angela Hultberg – Author of “The Sustainability Chessboard: A New Philosophy of Future Leadership”

Strategic Sustainability: Insights from Angela Hultberg

Mike interviews Angela Hultberg.

In the electrifying world of business, every move counts. And in the latest episode of the podcast, we delved into the strategic landscape of sustainability with none other than Angela Hultberg, co-author of “The Sustainability Chessboard: A New Philosophy of Future Leadership.” Buckle up, because this conversation isn’t just about playing the game—it’s about mastering it.


Hultberg kicks things off with a powerful observation: greenwashing is rampant. It’s the smoke and mirrors that some businesses use to appear environmentally conscious while hiding their actual impact. But Hultberg isn’t one to mince words. She sees regulation as a potential game-changer, levelling the playing field and holding businesses accountable for their claims.

In the game of chess, thinking ahead is vital. And according to Hultberg, the same applies to business transformation. It’s not about reacting to competitors but proactively shaping the future. “Business transformation is not a game of reaction,” she emphasizes. “It’s a game of being proactive and knowing where you want to go.”

But how do businesses truly embrace sustainability? Hultberg’s book doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it provides a roadmap for embedding sustainability into the DNA of organizations. From defining metrics to creating sustainability boards, it’s about making sustainability a core part of decision-making processes.

In the world of sustainability, there are first movers, early adopters, and grandmasters. Hultberg highlights how companies like IKEA and automotive giants strategically move towards sustainability. But it’s not just about being environmentally conscious; it’s about future-proofing businesses and attracting investment in the long run.

A thought-provoking moment arises when the conversation shifts to the influence of hedge funds like Blackrock. While some see their dominance as concerning, Hultberg remains focused on what truly matters: driving positive change within businesses. “I focus on helping them do better, save money, make more money, and grow as a business without growing the impact on the environment,” she asserts.

Hultberg’s journey into sustainability wasn’t conventional. Inspired by controversial figures like Bjorn Lomborg, she embarked on a path that would change the course of her career. Lomborg’s critical thinking challenged her to question the status quo and prioritize impactful solutions over rhetoric.

Mike Fallat and Angela Hultberg talk about the book The Sustainability Chessboard: A New Philosophy of Future Leadership.

Entrepreneurship emerges as a powerful force for change in the grand scheme of things. Hultberg shares a common belief: entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking freedom and driving positive transformation. Despite differing perspectives, they agree on focusing on the controllables and taking strategic action.

One thing becomes clear: mastering the sustainability chessboard is no easy feat. It requires foresight, strategy, and a commitment to driving meaningful change. With Hultberg’s insights, listeners can confidently navigate this complex landscape.

Angela Hultberg’s journey from tax lawyer to sustainability advocate is a testament to the power of strategic thinking and purpose-driven action. Her book, “The Sustainability Chessboard,” offers a roadmap for businesses seeking to embrace sustainability as a strategic imperative.

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