Aliza Licht – Author of “On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception”

Shape Your Narrative: Insights from Aliza Licht’s “On Brand”

Mike interviews Aliza Licht.

In the latest episode of The Mike Fallat Show, we delved into personal branding and marketing with the incredible Aliza Licht, author of “On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception.” Let me tell you, it was a conversation packed with insights and inspiration worth sharing!


Aliza kicked things off by dropping some truth bombs about impostor syndrome. You know that feeling of questioning whether you belong in the room? Aliza’s simple rule cuts through the noise: If you’re in the room, you belong there. It’s about shifting your mindset from doubt to confidence and owning your presence.

We then delved into the power of social media as a visual representation of transformation. Aliza sees social media as more than just posting content; it’s about crafting your reputation through repetition. As she aptly puts it, “Repetition creates your reputation.” So, why not use social media to showcase your journey and attract opportunities?

One key takeaway from our conversation was the importance of getting comfortable with discomfort. Aliza shared her journey of overcoming initial discomfort with video content and social media. The truth is that growth often lies on the other side of discomfort. She says, “People can only get comfortable by doing.”

Self-awareness emerged as a central theme throughout our discussion. Aliza emphasized the importance of knowing yourself and understanding your unique strengths and passions. It’s about embracing what makes you, well, you! As she beautifully articulated, “No two people are the same.”

While Aliza acknowledged the value of niching down and becoming known for one thing, she also highlighted the importance of exploring the intersections of your passions and skills. It’s about finding that sweet spot where your expertise and interests align. She wisely noted, “Doing the exercises opens your eyes to the possibilities.”

Mike Fallat and Aliza Licht talk about the book On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception.

Another gem from our conversation was the concept of social capital. It’s not just about your social media following; it’s about earning trust and credibility through delivering quality work. Aliza stressed the importance of consistency and reliability in building social capital over time.

Finally, we discussed the power of embracing your uniqueness. Aliza shared her love for 80s movies and how she incorporates that passion into her brand. It’s about being authentically you and letting your personality shine through in everything you do.

Our conversation with Aliza Licht was nothing short of eye-opening. From debunking impostor syndrome to emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and authenticity, Aliza’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to shape their brand and make an impact. So, why not take a page from her book (literally) and start shaping your narrative today? After all, as Aliza reminds us, “If you’re in the room, you belong there.”

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